We are dedicated to bringing the best candidates and employers together.

Our uniquely qualified staff with over 30 years experience in the Information Technology Industry, will give their personal attention to locating candidates with the best qualifications for the position; and will be able to assimilate into the company culture quickly.

We listen to employers when they verbalize the expected qualifications a new employee must have.

Our goal is to get the best understanding of the skills sets, experience and qualifications needed for the position.

Our contacts with you and your co-workers will be with your best interest in mind.

The objective is to seek the most qualified and compatible candidate based on your company needs.

We back up our commitment with a guarantee of satisfaction with our candidate selections; or we will find a replacement at no additional compensation due our company.

Our staff is committed to establishing long term relationships with the decision makers in the Information Technology Industry. We do this by recommending a candidate only after they have been thoroughly screened. We will not recommend a candidate with the knowledge that they are not qualified.

Your time is valuable; we will take care of your long and short term staffing needs to allow you to concentrate on your business at hand.

We derive satisfaction from placing passionate candidates with cutting edge companies!

Our company wants to be your supplier of Information Technology skilled Associates. We are flexible in this Dynamic and Expanding Industry. Please contact us to learn more about our services.