I have worked with Cynthia Summers for a number of years (I almost hate to say how long!). Cynthia and I have visited in person as well as communicated over the phone and by email. Cynthia has a great track record with me for providing qualified candidates who meet the requirements, skill sets, and personality I need to build successful teams. Cynthia has provided me with both contract resources as well as providing permanent placement resources.

I know that Cynthia takes pride in what she does, but further, she takes a personal interest in someone she has placed. Cynthia works tirelessly to find good people good, matching jobs. I know from experience with Cynthia how dedicated she is to finding someone she believes in a quality position. One individual comes to mind who was on the ropes due to their being in the United States on a green card, and all the issues that go with that once you start the process and the company where you are placed cuts you loose. This one individual worked for me, his contact ran out and he was right on the verge of losing his house and being forced to leave the US. Cynthia had placed him with me originally and she worked, what seemed to be, around the clock to make sure he had a job and could continue in the United States. This is the one example that stuck with me when dealing with Cynthia.

I wish you and your new firm nothing but good luck, although luck is not something you need when you have such qualified individuals as Cynthia Summers on your team! – Supervisor Tech Project/Program Management,  Sprint

“I’ve worked with Cynthia for two and a half years as I took on my first IT contacting job at Shazam. Cynthia was always easy to work with, very professional and prompt to get back with me on any issues. It really made my job as an IT consultant easier that I could depend on and work with a staffing company with such high integrity. I would work with Cynthia again any day!” 
Contractor Software Engineer, SHAZAM, Inc.

Cynthia is detail-oriented and attentive person who helped me with my first software engineer (consultant) contract in the United States.”   Unix software consultant, Symitar

“I have worked with Cynthia for many years and at different companies. Any time I am looking for a resource to hire or bring in as a contractor, she provides quality and well screened candidates. Cynthia follows up to ensure the people she has placed or recommend are performing and fitting in with the organization. She is dependable and always looks out for my best interest. I highly recommend Cynthia.”  Manager

“Cynthia is an excellent recruiter. She has an impeccable work ethic and truly cares about her recruits. I highly recommend Cynthia Summers.”  Senior Programmer / Analyst, Dell Inc

“Cynthia is all about results. As a consultant, she provided valuable insight in our pending work statement based on previous experience and industry knowledge. Her expertise and dedication to superior service provided me with an educated, professional, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and committed staff capable of supporting and completing a mission critical project. I would highly recommend Cynthia to anyone looking to match resources and industry experience with challenging projects. Cynthia finds the right people at the right time.”    Manager, CDG a division of Boeing

 Cynthia provided a service we required in finding software developers, IT personnel and managers. She kept us informed always on choices-make excellent recommendations and worked well at keeping the contractors informed and comfortable with the positions, during placement and after. I have always found Cynthia to be a person of high integrity, quality minded and in tune with the business trends and possibilities.”  Manager, CDG a division of Boeing